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Established in February 2009, it is an early high-tech enterprise specializing in structural adhesive sales and reinforcement. The company has continuously opened up new construction fields over the past few years, paying attention to economic benefits while paying more attention to social benefits. in many projects, due to our long-term adherence to the principle of supremacy of credibility and supremacy of users, we have won unanimous praise from users from all walks of life for offering reasonable, safe and civilized construction and quick construction methods.


Shenyang zhongzhi building reinforcement engineering co., ltd. has construction machinery, such as demolition, drilling, cutting and decoration, which can adapt to various complicated environments, and has new technologies for the treatment of concrete structures. According to the structural characteristics of the demolished buildings and structures, the corresponding construction machinery and construction methods are selected for the surrounding environment, which has the characteristics of low speed, reliable safety and small interference to the surrounding environment.


Main projects of the company: cutting | steel bonding reinforcement | steel bonding anchor ( rooting ) carbon fiber bonding reinforcement | steel bonding reinforcement | Shenyang reinforcement company | carbon fiber reinforcement | building reinforcement | villa renovation | structural reinforcement | engineering reinforcement.


Our company has strong technical force, experienced engineering and technical personnel and a well-trained construction team, as well as a complete set of scientific and systematic management methods and perfect system. Our company is in line with the following principles: treat people honestly, take faith as the foundation, take safety as the criterion, take efficiency as the aim, and build our company's brand with excellent technology and technical team.

Design, inspection and identification of industrial and civil buildings
Architectural technical consultation and Arbitration
Reinforcement design of building reinforcement, connection and bearing capacity of bridge
Sales of structural adhesives
Professional unloading, bridge reinforcement, drilling, cutting, bonding carbon fiber, sticky steel,
Nanhu building
Nato guest international exhibition center
Shenyang Heping district government affairs examination and approval service bureau
Liaoning petrochemical institute

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According to different cooperation projects, the cooperation methods will also follow different directions.
According to different cooperation projects, the cooperation methods will also follow different directions. in the recent stage, the cooperation methods provided by our company for Shenyang building reinforcement and cooperation partners are one party contributing money and the other party contributing money.
Shenyang zhongzhi building reinforcement engineering co., ltd. is a production-oriented self-employed company with Shenyang building rectification as its main business.
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