Credit supremacy, customer supremacy

Shenyang Zhongzhi building reinforcement Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in February 2009, is an advanced high-tech enterprise specializing in the sales and reinforcement of structural adhesives.


In the past few years, the company has continuously opened up new construction fields, paid more attention to the economic benefits and paid more attention to social benefits. In many projects, we have long insisted on the supremacy of reputation, the principle of the customer first, the reasonable and safe construction of the quotation, the quick construction means, and the high praise of the users of all walks of life.

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We should be honest, trust oriented, safety oriented, efficiency oriented, and strong technical and technical team to build our brand.


Address: Shenyang District of Tiexi city from the Street No. 49-3 2


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Mobile phone: 18842466691 (Wu)

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