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Carbon fiber reinforcement has many advantages such as light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good durability and stable physical properties. Its tensile strength is 7 - 10 times that of steel of the same cross section. Using carbon fiber materials to repair and reinforce concrete structures is a new type of construction method developed recently. it works together with concrete structures and uses the excellent tensile strength of carbon fiber materials to achieve the purpose of strengthening the bearing capacity and rigidity of components.


This technology has many advantages, such as simple and fast construction, safety, reliability, good durability, adaptability to various complicated structural shapes, and no influence on the appearance of the original structure. It has increasingly been widely used in concrete structure repair and reinforcement projects.


Characteristics of carbon fiber materials


( 1 ) the tensile strength is high, which is 7 - 10 times that of steel with the same cross section.


( 2 ) the weight is light and the density is only 1 / 4 of that of ordinary steel.


( 3 ) good durability and resistance to chemical corrosion and destruction of harsh environment and climate change.


( 4 ) the construction is convenient and fast, labor-saving and time - saving, and the construction quality is easy to ensure.


( 5 ) the scope of application is wide, and concrete members, steel structures and wood structures can be reinforced. The bearing capacity, anti-seismic performance and durability of the components can be greatly improved.


range of application


Reinforcement of beams, columns and panels of concrete structures, bridges and buildings.


Reinforcement of tunnels, harbor facilities, chimneys, warehouses and factories.


Protection and reinforcement of salt-damaged concrete, bridges and river structures.

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