Shenyang building correction technology which is reliable - Songyuan building correction

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Shenyang building correction technology which is reliable - Songyuan building correction


Shenyang zhongzhi building reinforcement engineering co., ltd. is a production-oriented self-employed company with Shenyang building rectification as its main business. since its establishment, the company has always pursued the tenet of " sincerity and perfection" and has been continuously pioneering and enterprising, bold and innovative. it is dedicated to providing high-quality Shenyang building rectification to meet the needs of its customers with every group of people in need. Company address: gate 2, No. 49 - 3, Jie Fang yi street, Tiexi district, Shenyang city.


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Shenyang zhongzhi building reinforcement engineering co., ltd. has a high-level design team, professional technical team and exquisite construction team that have participated in many domestic Shenyang building rectification projects. they have rich experience in engineering project design and construction. according to the purpose of Shenyang building rectification, they use environment and structural characteristics to select design schemes, attach importance to the operability and detail treatment of project design, refine and refine the processing, strictly and strictly carry out the construction, and make each project a top-quality product among top-quality products.


The company attaches great importance to management and efficiency, seeking benefits from economies of scale. in order to strictly enforce company discipline, clarify responsibilities and improve work efficiency, the company has introduced the current advanced management system and perfected various rules and regulations. The Shenyang building rectification provided is mainly signed by contacting us - confirming the project - project construction - checking and accepting the payment. during this period, the customer is required not to harm the interests of others.


Shenyang zhongzhi building reinforcement is located at gate 2, No. 49 - 3, volley 1st street, Tiexi district, Shenyang city. drawing lessons from the international mature operation mode and summing up years of direct operation concept, we will wholeheartedly provide good Shenyang building correction and related fields for the vast majority of people in need. as always, we will base ourselves on the industry's technical front, take technology, brand and as guarantee, and fully invest in the construction project cooperation enterprise! Contact information: 18842466691 Wu Jingli


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